10/1 – 50/1

Viscose yarn has the characteristic of being a hard yarn with reduced hairiness.

Viscose has an excellent yarn. Its fabrics can imitate the feel of silk, linen, cotton or wool. Like silk or cotton, viscose is extracted from nature and has the same wearing properties in terms of comfort.

Its fibers can also be combined with cotton, wool, silk or lycra spandex, so that different types of fabrics and decorative textiles can be manufactured.

We have different types of viscose yarns among them: vortex and ring.


– Of all the fibers, viscose has the most moisture and the most similar physiology to human skin.

– Its texture is fine and soft, very pleasant to the touch. The fiber is very absorbent, so the fabric is cool and breathable. 

– It does not fade much (especially black and dark shades). Dyes well, resulting in saturated colors and silky sheen. It offers good abrasion resistance.

– It has a lot of weight, wide garments have a very aesthetic drape and movement. 


It is mainly used in the manufacture of blouses, dresses, jackets, lingerie, linings, suits and ties, also in bedspreads, blankets, upholstery, covers and others.

Due to its properties it can be used in scarves, foulards and shawls that are cool in summer and nice and warm in winter.