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Elastane is a synthetic textile fiber that provides greater elasticity in clothing. It is also referred to by the trade name Lycra or Spandex.

Spandex is a synthetic fiber known for its high elasticity, strength and fabric performance. It is approved to be woven with: polyester, nylon, cotton and other yarns.

We carry a variety of brands from China and India.


– Good drying capacity. Since it has no absorbent capacity, water or any liquid dries very fast in the sun or with minimal heat.

₋ High elasticity. It can stretch up to 600 times and return to its original structure without breaking back to its original shape.

₋ Resists the action of sweat. For example cyclists’ clothing contains a high percentage of spandex as it improves the quality and breakdown by sweat.

₋ Putting all the features together, it results in a more durable fabric than garments created with only cotton or polyester.


It is combined with other fibers such as cotton, silk or viscose and others to improve its properties in the manufacture of underwear, women’s clothing and socks. And it is also frequently used in suits, blouses, jackets, sportswear, pantyhose and stockings.

The trend is for sportswear to have this material as they need to fit the body better.

Another use we can see are the elastic cords that hold the waistbands of pants and the strings that adjust hoods in sweatshirts.