50 – 200 DEN

Polyester is a resistant and crease-resistant fiber, this synthetic fiber is the most commonly used.

The types of polyester yarns we offer are: 

Dyed and raw polyester.
Texturized and air knitted polyester yarn (NIM-HIM-SIM).

We work with brands of yarns that are manufactured by recognized brands worldwide, which guarantee the total quality of the product and can be applied to various fabrics such as: flat weave, circular weave and/or knitted fabric and warp weave.


– Non-absorbent

– Acid and bleach resistant, it is more resistant than any other fiber.

– Can be adapted for end use for clothing fibers, textiles, household or filaments and yarns are used as continuous filaments.


It is used for the manufacture of fabrics and embroidery for shirting, pants, skirts, dresses, complete suits, towels, bed and table linen, knitwear, etc.