Polycotton is composed of cotton and polyester. The result is a hygroscopic, breathable and durable material that absorbs the best performance properties of both fibers. 

The presence of synthetics led to the creation of bright colors during dyeing, and the presence of cotton yarns makes the resulting fabric breathable and pleasant to the touch. In addition, due to the polyester material is not subject to shrinkage and is much cheaper than fabrics made of natural cotton.

Stable consumer demand and high popularity of polycotton are due to a number of important advantages of this material.


– High durability that favorably distinguishes it from other all-natural ones.

– The brightness of the color and durability of the coloring material can be used for the manufacture of clothing and quilts.

– The low crushability of the fabric allows polycotton products to maintain a neat appearance. This property of the material is especially valuable in the production of sportswear and bed linen which, after washing, cannot be ironed.

– They do not shrink and do not deform in the wash. 

– The comfortable cost of blended fabric favorably distinguishes it from many natural canvases.


Fabrics with a high cotton content will be an ideal choice for the manufacture of shirts, blouses, sportswear, robes and children’s bedding sets.

It is also used for the manufacture of bed linens, mattress covers, pillow cases, bedding, sheets and comforter covers; widely used for hotels and hospitals. 

They are also used in curtains, tablecloths, napkins and kitchen aprons which are characterized by a higher resistance to contamination, a long service life and the ability to be washed quickly.