Cationic polyester belongs to modified polyester and can be dyed with cationic dyes 110 do.

The dyed fabric has bright color, high dye exhaustion rate, greatly reducing the wastewater discharge of printing and dyeing.


– It can be blended with cotton, viscose, wool and hemp fiber, thus creating a number of styles.

– The greatest use is with artificial silk and can be blended with colored fibers and chemical fibers to produce different fabrics. 

– It can be dyed once, until it reaches the effect of white, shades of colors and different colors.

– The resulting fabric is pleasant to the touch and bright in color.

– It has good quality water absorption. Its reversion rate is higher than that of ordinary polyester.

– The cationic dyeing technique does not require chemical products, avoiding water pollution and reducing production costs and environmental impact.


This product is mostly used for knitted outfits and for fall and spring dresses.