German and Asian equipment of high quality and guarantee, in order to promote the textile industry in Peru.


Spare parts

High quality and guaranteed spare parts for your equipment, in order to promote the textile industry in Peru.



High quality and guaranteed supplies for your production, in order to promote the textile industry in Peru.



Our Company

cuenta con “45 años de experiencia en la industria textil”

The history of this company begins in 1973, under the personal initiative of Mr. Pedro Zumaeta Valera at the age of 29 who decides to face the challenge of starting his own company.

Our values

Service vocation

Our Services

Machine installation

Our professional team of technicians is specialized to install the different machines of the textile industry.


Our team is able to provide a great service and offer advice that will be useful to enhance the growth of our clients.

Machine maintenance

We repair possible or future failures, helping to increase productivity and ensure proper operation.

Why choose us?

Amazon is synonymous with trust

Quality Brands

We know the level of demand of our customers, so we focus on finding and offering the best products to meet the necessary standards in the industry.

Transparency and Honesty

We offer our clients to work clearly and loyally respecting the clauses of the contracts, thus obtaining their loyalty and preference.

We send your order

Our units make deliveries throughout the capital from Monday to Saturday, we also make shipments to all of Peru.


We deliver each order within the agreed deadlines, thus ensuring that our clients can meet their projections in the production of their fabrics or garments.


Thanks to our years of experience, today we work with the most representative brands in each line, which guarantees the quality of each product we offer.

Great service

We enjoy the services we provide and provide the best advice offering prompt responses to the needs of our clients in a timely, friendly and affectionate manner.

Brands Represented