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Under the personal initiative of Mr. Pedro Zumaeta Valera at the age of 29, who decided to face the challenge of starting his own company.
In 1996 AMAZON CORPORATION S.A. was founded.

Our Mission

Continuously improve our marketing and distribution processes to enhance the growth and development of our customers.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading companies in the Peruvian textile market in the field of innovation and technology of machines and supplies for the textile industry.


Short History

The history of this company begins in 1973, under the personal initiative of Mr. Pedro Zumaeta Valera at the age of 29 who decides to face the challenge of starting his own company.

In 1996 AMAZON CORPORATION S.A. was founded as the main company that absorbed the firm ZUMAETA REPRESENTACIONES EIRL, which imports, markets and distributes machinery, spare parts and supplies for the textile industry.

Throughout the years, the company has been increasing the management of the company with different suppliers from abroad, achieving strategic alliances with them.

Currently the company has an important presence in the Peruvian textile market and our purpose is to accompany our customers in their growth, development and positioning in this competitive industry.


Te asesoramos

Ruben Zumaeta

General Manager

With more than 50 years of experience in the textile industry, we have been able to strongly position the company within the industry, offering strategic suppliers of quality and guarantee that allow our customers to develop and grow together, offering machinery, spare parts and supplies for the textile sector, positioning them in the market to serve their local and export customers.


  998 143 006


Maribel Alvarez

Supply Chain Manager

Solid experience in the commercial area, finance and foreign trade within the textile industry has allowed me to have a clear understanding of the importance of the Supply Chain and the need to develop integrated, efficient, safe, traceable processes with a clear focus on the customer. My management style is collaborative, I seek to empower and develop my team, sharing continuous improvement tools.


  998 143 529


Diego Renteria

Foreing Trade: Spare parts and supplies

Professional in Business Administration and passionate about Supply Chain areas, with more than 8 years of experience in logistics and negotiation with suppliers. In Amazon Corporation we are a family committed to serve our customers always looking to offer innovative and quality products to achieve long term relationships.


  981 040 569


Katya Rodríguez

Imports: Machines

Professional in International Business, specializing in Supply Chain Management. In Amazon Corporation my role is to make alliances with the most representative brands in the textile industry machines so that we can offer our customers more than quality and warranty, innovation and high technology to enhance their growth and development.


  998 318 460


Johanna Munayco

Marketing and Imports

Professional in International Business with experience in the commercial area and foreign trade. Some of my functions are the development of commercial intelligence, stock management of imports and negotiating with foreign suppliers to obtain better prices and quality, as well as finding the most innovative products to offer to our customers and to be one of the leading companies in the Peruvian textile market.


  998 110 496


Contabilidad y Finanzas

Team led by Mr. Jaime Serpa who is the general accountant and is in charge of keeping the accounts of the company helping to rationalize and reduce costs for the company.
The finance area is covered by Cristian Sosa who is in charge of supervising the flow of money and assets in and out of a company. In turn, Ms. Ivett Rojas supports us in her work as an assistant in complementary activities of the area.




Miriam Mosquera

Sales Executive

I consider myself a proactive, responsible and attentive person. I have experience in customer service, customer follow-up and invoicing. Within our company we consider that the priority is the customer and their requirements, therefore I believe that we are a team of professionals capable of providing a great service and that our advice will be useful to enhance their growth.



  998 141 164


Emilia Diestra

Commercial Executive

I consider myself an honest, orderly and committed person with my work, with experience in sales and customer service. In Aries we value the effort, transparency and the union of the whole team, we encourage personalized attention to each customer to promptly meet their requirements, we seek to provide the best quality in our products, for the satisfaction of all our customers.



  977 770 976


Marco Balboa

Sales Executive

With more than 10 years of experience in the textile sector, providing technical and commercial advice in supplies, spare parts and machinery. Able to help maintain long term working relationships with our customers, making them loyal and part of our family. In Amazon Corporation we are a team that works every day to deliver the best to our customers.


  998 143 009


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